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MoveMe Injury Rehab Policy

I acknowledge that the above information is true to my knowledge and understand that it will remain confidential. I give permission for MoveMe Injury Rehab only to contact me in regards to information related to my health, progress, appointment times and or clinic announcements.

I hereby request and consent to the performance of Chiropractic and/or Physiotherapy and/ or Remedial massage therapy treatment on me, by any registered Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Remedial Massage therapist.

I have had the opportunity to discuss with the treating practitioner the nature and purpose of the treatment. I understand that the results are not guaranteed, nor fixed in one session.

I understand and am informed that, as in the practice of medicine, in the practice of chiropractic, physiotherapy and remedial massage there are some slight risks to treatment, including but not limited to, muscle and joint soreness, muscle strains, join sprains, fractures, disc injuries, nerve injuries, stroke and stroke-like episodes.

I do not expect the treating practitioner to be able to anticipate and explain all risks and complications.
I wish to rely on the treating practitioner to exercise judgment during the course of the treatment based on the facts known at the time, is in my best interests.

I have read the above, and have also had the opportunity to ask questions about its content.

I intend this consent form to cover the entire course of treatment for my present condition, and for any other future condition(s) for which I seek treatment.

I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time.

Home Massage Policy:

MoveMe Massage is strictly a mobile service dedicated to treating patients within the comfort of their own home within the specific opening schedules specified. * Subject to change at any moment. Notification of such changes will apply. Mobile massage is a sought after therapy often in high demand. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, clients are aware of their allocated appointment time and will respect and adhere to this time. Clients understand that if in the event of a cancellation, notifying the therapist must happen no later than 24 HOURS prior to the allocated appointment time.

Failure to do so will result in the full forfeiture of the paid amount. Clients understand that sufficient notice of cancellation will allow for the paid amount to be refunded in the form of credit to be used for treatment both in-clinic and mobile treatment. Credit will be treated as cash and will have no expiry.Requirements for Mobile Therapy: Clients must have sufficient space in their location suitable for a massage table with sufficient room to move around the table. Space must be clean and open. The room temperature must be of a comfortable temperature. Please allow 15 minutes before and after treatment to allow for any sudden delays, traffic or any other unprecedented circumstances.

Product Policy:

Refunds/Exchanges are not permitted. However, if your product is deemed faulty, by law you have the right to an exchange or refund of the product.

All personnel at MoveMe Injury Rehab have the right to determine whether the product is deemed faulty upon inspection.

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